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Endorsements / Testimonials

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“Michael Brown's candidacy for New Castle County Council, District 7, is an undeniable asset to our community. As President of New Castle County Council, I proudly endorse him for his unwavering commitment to public service and remarkable leadership skills. Michael's vision for a stronger, more prosperous district aligns perfectly with the needs and aspirations of our residents. With his experience and dedication, I have full confidence that Michael Brown will bring positive and transformative change to our county. Vote for Michael Brown and watch District 7 flourish!” –

Karen Hartley-Nagle, President of New Castle County Council


My name is Dee Jackson, and I am a part of the LGBTQ community. I was homeless about 6 or so years ago and had a hard time finding housing due to discrimination of me being a transgender woman. I contacted at that time City Councilman Mike Brown, who helped me through the process and made sure I was treated fairly as a result of his help I was fortunate enough to find housing and resided there for three years until the property was up for sale.

D. Jackson


I wholeheartedly endorse MIKE BROWN for New Castle County’s COUNCILMAN for the 7th District. As Director of Finance for the City of Wilmington, I had the pleasure to interact with City Councilman-at-Large, Mike Brown. Councilman Brown legislated multiple financial initiatives that added over $20 Million a year to City revenues. In addition, to Mike Brown’s financial leadership, he constantly demonstrated a strong commitment to public service and community development. As an advocate of law enforcement, Mike Brown is recognized for his extensive commitment to Public Safety. Mike brings an unmatched level of advocacy and responsiveness to the residents of New Castle County’s 7th District.

Ron Morris, Former - Director of Finance for the City of Wilmington


As I reflect on the past two decades of city living, there is one aspect that stands out above all
others–having you as a neighbor. I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for being an exemplary neighbor and true pillar of our community. Your remarkable qualities have undoubtedly enriched our lives and transformed our shared living experience. 
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Greg Ciotti

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